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Red Hodge Stories

Owner: Robert Hodge (Red)

Robert Hodge is writing on 21st-century migration to Australia that follows his historical work Away from Tipperary, Nicholas Sadleir, Australian Gentlemen


Like all good friends I met Greg through another friend who was a fisherman – or at least the friend of a fisherman who had benefited from a wonderful website Greg made for him. I’d just finished writing a book and I didn’t know much about what I wanted except that I needed a website to help distribute it and to maintain a community of readers and writers.

Greg was grand from the beginning. He helped me define what the website was to do, listened patiently and carefully respecting my almost total technical ignorance and taught me to maintain the site at minimal cost. We’ve never met face-to-face, although I would like to. Everything we did was via e-mail or the telephone. It was satisfying, creative and fun. And best of all, economical!

Cheers, Robert Hodge