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Healthy Life Hypnotherapy

Owner: Kelli Sadler


Dear Greg,

I would like to Thank you for the website Healthy Life Hypnotherapy I love it. You have taken my notes scribbled on bits of paper and the ideas in my head and translated them into a fully functional business ready website. And not only does it look great and do what I needed it to do, within one week of launch, my business was already listing on Google. Now the hard work is up to me to do the website you built justice and get the listing moving up the rankings.

I found working with you to be very easy. I must admit that not knowing anyone in the area, I was nervous as to the quality and the service I would receive having been let down in the past by website builders. I am very happy to say that I found the whole experience of working with you to nothing but professional and so very helpful. I appreciate your patience with regards to timing and I very much appreciate your professionalism in regards to my budget. As a start up business my budget was not huge but you were very sage with your advice as to what functionality I could include and what will need to be in my next website incarnation.

I also appreciated your advice to stop buying domain names! Your rationale behind why and your matter of fact way of explaining the process was great. I thought I had a fair bit of knowledge when it come to SEO but I quickly realised that what I knew was outdated and not likely to produce any results. Your input and direction in terms of SEO was and is sensational and I will be hopefully taking full advantage of all that you included in my website.

Your ongoing service and assistance packages are a great part of your business offering. Knowing that I can schedule time with you to make sure I am doing things correctly and that I am making the best use of my website is a wonderful thing. I have definitely budgeted some update time in the future.

Thanks Greg

Website: Healthy Life Hypnotherapy

Healthy Life Hypnotherapy
Healthy Life Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

Because you are what you think, why on earth would that be anything but great?
If what you are currently thinking is not working for you, you might recognise some of the statements below:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I want success but don’t know how to get it
  • I need more money
  • I have a phobia
  • I need more confidence
  • I have this habit I need to break
  • I want to quit smoking
  • I just cant control myself
  • I want my relationship to be better
  • I worry all the time
  • I’ve tried everything to lose weight
  • I need more energy
  • I’m sad all the time
  • I want to be happy
  • I’m just stuck in rut
  • I’m addicted to…
  • I can’t give up….
  • You feel like you are hitting a brick wall