Angler’s Rest

Owners: Simon & Liz

Services: If your ideal holiday consists of nothing more than easing back to relax then this is the place for you. Greenwell Point is famous for it’s world class fishing and oysters and is just 2 ½ hours from both Sydney and Canberra. Angler’s Rest pet friendly waterfront cabins and boat hire is family operated and conveniently located at the tip of Greenwell Point, opposite the new boat ramp, children’s playground and beach, public wharf and public swimming pool.

Comments: Greg designed our web-site to a much higher standard than we had envisaged, and recommended specific operational improvements to our business as well.

The result of his efforts has been a growth in sales of more than 30%! Now we need to find staff so we can follow his other ideas. A top find!!

Thanks very much Greg,

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