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WordPress Updates & Plugins


All of my WordPress customers have a plugin installed called Wordfence. Configuration of Wordfence allows me to block attackers and stop security threats to their business websites, the image displayed was being streamed from one of the real-time security servers at Wordfence in Seattle USA. Green traffic is ordinary WordPress sign-in. Red traffic is hack attempts that we’ve blocked.

Wordfence is the only WordPress security plugin that provides this kind of real-time distributed protection as it learns from other sites that are attacked. It’s part of what makes us the best WordPress security plugin in the business.


WordPress is a community of hundreds of people that read the code every day, audit it, update it, and care enough about keeping your blog safe that we do things like release updates weeks apart from each other even though it makes us look bad, because updating is going to keep your blog safe from the bad guys.


WordPress Plugins extend your website allowing it to perform many great things. It is very important to pick high quality plugins and keep them up to date. This will ensure the best possible security for your WordPress website. All of my WordPress customers have a managed package where I updated everything 4 times per year. In an emergency I do it ASAP to ensure their websites stay secure.