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Protecting your business website against attacks

Once a hacker has a list of websites, they don’t care what platform you run they’re going to attack with what they know is vulnerable and keep at it until they have a success.

Hackers normally use that annoying BotNet to distribute an attack on as many websites as possible in one blast. Then they take that success and leverage it to get to the next site. And on and on.

What I do for my WordPress CMS Customers

  • Use a good host who cares about security
  • Use up to date versions of all web tools and their extensions
  • Follow those tools and get updates regularly as to any security issues with them

Security Updates – WordPress CMS Customers

I use WordPress as my CMS but it is not set and forget, you have to keep paying attention.

Security is paramount for WordPress websites. This is done in a timely fashion 4 times per year or if urgent ASAP.

This is done by me and is charged only to WordPress CMS customers using my hosting services.

I charge $60 per year for this service.